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Leader-Leader Model

Leader-Leader model is inspired by Turn the Ship Around: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders by David Marquet.

In this model, leadership is fundamentally different from leader-follower model. At its core is the belief that we can all be leaders.

It's a more resilient organisational model as it doesn't rely on the sole competence of "supreme" leader, instead leadership is provided at every level of the organisation.

Control is the bridge supported by two pillars: competence and clarity

Key components of the leadership model

  • Control: Divesting control to others in the organisation while maintaining responsibility

  • Competence: As control is divested, it's imperative to increase technical competence other it would lead to chaos.

  • Clarity: It's imperative to provide organisational clarity i.e. clarity of purpose. Without clarity, it's dangerous to divest control.

In leader-leader model, the head of the organisation is accountable for the success of the organisation, however, the decision making control is released to the department heads. This can be a very uncomfortable situation for the top level leader.

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