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Leader-Follower Model

This posts describes the leader-follower model. The recommendation is to move away from the model towards leader-leader model in order to harness the that collective intelligence of the people in the organisation.

This model is prevalent in organisation in in the context leader directs and followers follow. This means followers don't use their mental energy and creativity as much as they could. Followers have limited decision making authority and little incentive to give the utmost of their intellect, energy and passion.

Leader-follower model leads to a lack of initiative.

People follow the rule and do what they are told instead of actively engaging and using their own brain power and creativity.

It's designed for getting most out of people when it comes to physical work. In the modern world, most important work we do is cognitive. Leader-follower model is not optimal for intellectual work.

Leaders as individual heroes is a flawed concept. We've been led to believe that should be the true nature of a good leader. Trouble is organisations that depend on individual leaders find it hard to continue to work to a high standard after the leader's departure. These leaders are remembered and missed. This is exactly the opposite of what's good for an organisation.

Leaders in this context focus on short term gains. They are concerned with here and now, and not necessarily thinking about the organisation after their departure. For example, CEO of a company isn't rewarded or penalised on a company's profitability after they leave, or competence of the leadership team 6 months after they leave the company.

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