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In the context of a transformation or a change initiative, the first thing to do is to look after ourselves. Look after our own physical and emotional well being.

There is a lot of uncertainty when we embark on a transformation initiative. There is risk of job security and there are likely to be changes in role and responsibilities. This can bring additional mental pressure on top of the pressures of day-to-day work.

It's important to focus on our own resilience. If we are not in a good mental or physical space then we won’t be well resourced to deal with the challenges of a transformation.

Using an analogy from an aeroplane, it’s like putting on our own oxygen mask before helping others.

We won’t be able to deal effectively with the constant challenges coming our way and help others around us unless we are fully resourced.

Unfortunately, burnout is too common in the workplace, especially when we are working on transformations.

Think of it as our energy battery or our emotional battery. Do something that recharges that battery.

Do it every day. These are simple things, such as, reading a book, going for a walk, meditating, exercising etc. Pick whatever helps.

There are things that deplete our battery - these are stresses in life. Identify and avoid these as much as possible. If we can’t avoid them then reduce their impact as much as possible

So the point is that we need to look after ourselves and our resilience to show up in the best possible way to deal with challenges in life but in this context, the challenges of transformations.

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