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Maximising Productivity

Focus on flow to maximise productivity.

Here are 10 rules to assist with that:

  1. Work done is fruitless until value is delivered.

  2. Only the last part of the system delivers any value to us.

  3. The worst place to have a bottleneck is at the end of the system!

  4. The only acceptable place for a bottleneck is at the start of the system, not the end.

  5. Limit the work entering the system in order ensure a smooth flow through the system.

  6. There’s no point working on stuff that cannot finish.

  7. Focus on finished work – not doing work but finishing it because that’s when the value is delivered.

  8. Only work on things that have a clear path to completion – no point adding more to the bottleneck.

  9. Finish the things you already started before you start new things – clear the bottleneck before you try to flow work through the system.

  10. Pull isn’t quite good as the flow. So Flow if you can, Pull if you must!

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