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Leading Agile & Digital Transformations

Successful Agile and Digital transformation can bring huge benefits to organisations. They can enable organisations to accelerate delivery of value to their customers and streamline their processes. Due to their benefits, large scale transformations are prevalent in our industry. However, a large proportion of these initiatives do not deliver the intended benefits.

What are the reasons for that? And what can we do to increase our chances of success?

First thing is to Start with WHY.

According to Simon Sinek, an American author and motivational speaker, It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it?

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, the Wright brothers, inventors of the first aeroplane, and Martin Luther King, civil rights activist, all had one thing in common, they STARTED WITH WHY.

Start with WHY

WHY this transformation?

It’s a simple question and you might say it’s common sense, yet it is surprising how many organisations don’t give it sufficient focus. They focus on HOW and WHAT instead.

We can use different words for it, call it vision, purpose or anything we want. It’s essentially our motivation, our reason for doing something. And if you have a compelling reason, a compelling WHY, then it becomes easier to motivate ourselves, to motivate our teams to make things happen.

We can get so bogged down into the implementation that we forget the bigger picture, which is our compass, our north star.

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