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Are you a Product Owner looking to take your career to the next level?

Here is a completely unique program to become a great Product Owner


6-month learning journey consisting of 8 fully immersive online workshops, monthly group coaching sessions, guided support, reflection and application


We start our journey with four half-day fully immersive online workshops leading to Explorer certification. 


In these workshops, you will meet your fellow learning cohort and explore every aspect of what it takes to be a great Product Owner. You will work through every aspect of the DRIVEN model and develop your skills to become more:

  • Decisive

  • Ruthless

  • Informed

  • Versatile

  • Empowering

  • Negotiable

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Navigator Coaching Sessions

You will receive on-going ad-hoc support for real-life challenges over a period of six months.


At least once per month you will get together with your learning cohort and your Guide to cover real-life challenges that have come up for you and your fellow learners. You will talk about and work through the nuances of the real-world outside of the classroom. You will deepen your knowledge and reflect on your experience. The agenda for these modules is bespoke to your particular cohort to ensure it is tailored to meet your needs not that of a predetermined set of learning objectives. After 15 hours of these modules, you will have earned your Navigator certification.


adventurer workshop

Six months after your Explorer module you will attend four half-day fully immersive online workshops to deepen your Product Mastery skills.

You will reconvene with your learning cohort and your Guide for deeper multi-day workshops to add more theory, tools and techniques to your personal Product Mastery inventory. Once again you will cover every aspect of the DRIVEN model and you will be awarded your Adventurer certification.



  • Free copy of Product Mastery book by Geoff Watts

  • Lifetime access to Product Mastery eCourse

  • Lifetime access to collaboration platform for your cohort 

  • Lifetime access to mobile phone app with hundreds of agile coaching cards


MeeT your guide

Hi, I am Mehmood. I am honoured be your guide, coach and mentor throughout your Product Mastery journey. I love partnering with Product Owners like you to help them navigate this challenging and often misunderstood role within organisations. I'll work with you on your professional development, and provide you with tools and techniques required to move your career to the next  level.


I have experience in coaching, mentoring and training product management and product development teams, and the wider organisation. I have over 20 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles with a proven track record for talent development and implementing successful change initiatives in Bio-Tech, Financial Services and Information Services industries.

Cornelia, Business Analyst

"Mehmood was very positive, professional and created a relaxed atmosphere. Great balance between theory and practice."

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Book your spot now on our next cohort starting 26 Aug 2023.


The format is designed to fit with your existing work commitments with half-day online workshops scheduled over the weekend. 

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