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Learning Culture

In the fast moving tech work, it is essential to keep our pencils sharp. As leaders, we need to create and foster a culture of continuous learning to support the ever-changing technology landscape, and to keep our teams engaged and motivated.

Here is an example of a learning and development framework I have developed. It takes into account that people have different learning styles and different needs during different stages of their journey. This include:

  • Training course & Presentation

  • Self-learning & Self-service

  • Networking & Collaboration

  • Support Structure

As we delving into the details, we see there is synchronous learning through training courses conferences, lunch and learn session etc. There is asynchronous learning which is on-demand self-service where people can learn at their own pace. Then there is learning through networking and support structures we have in place in our organisations or the wider industry.

We don’t need to do all of it. And certainly we don't need to do it all at once.

I have created this learning and development framework incrementally in organisations and filled it out over time.

They key is to consciously think about putting in place in structure and different type of resources to foster a culture of learning in our organisations. As always, leaders must to go first and role model this behaviour.

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